Data Mining and Bioinformatics Lab
School of Software | Central South University
Are you a new graduate student interested in research?
    Hopefully you have reviewed this site and ideally read a few of our publications and persued some of our active projects and software. We are always looking for talented students and although prior knowledge of programming skills (e.g. linux, java, c++, perl and python), data mining and/or bioinformatics would be helpful, is not required to join the group. Research often follows a multidisciplinary model where a PhD or an advanced graduate student is developed by solving important problems in biological sciences. If the research with us is interest to you, please email your CV (or equivalent) and a brief description on why you would like to work with us.

Are you an undergraduate interested in research?
    We are always looking for talented undergraduate students to work on one of our projects for research credit or sometimes for an hourly wage during the academic year.